My Weight Loss Journey

I have been "Chubby" my whole life!

Seriously, when I was born, the doctor slapped my mother for having such a fat baby.  I retained that baby fat until 6 months ago!  Believe me.  I know what you are going through.  I walk past doughnuts and they jump on my butt.  It has been Frustrating.

Tried EVERYTHING but Surgery.

I remember going to Weight Watchers with my mother back in the 60's.  I remember her making tuna fish sandwiches with yellow mustard instead of mayonaise.  Kill me now!   She also struggled with her weight.  I'll never forget me still going to Weight Watchers when she died.  I was so tempted to bring her box of ashes to my WW check-in and ask them if she could finally had one of those "LOST 5 pounds" stickers.

I've tried the Bangladesh Starvation Diet, Jenny Crank (literally), and even some weight loss pills.  Maybe temporary, but i quickly gained it back.  Dang that is frustrating.  

You see, for me, the definition of "DIET" was to eat crappy food for a period of time in order to hit a weight loss goal, so I could go back to eating my regular food again!!! Hence, the YoYo.  

Then 2 years ago, I discovered the KETO Lifestyle.

Why did I choose Keto?  First of all, I wanted something that was tried and true.  Keto is NOT new.  It was first started in 1929 as a diet for kids who had seizures and IT WORKED.  Why did they stop?  Have you ever heard of Big Pharma?  People didn't have to cook right...they just had to give their kid some medication.  That is just CRAZY.  Second of all, for weight loss.  I had heard amazing stories.  I was tired of the constant yoyo of dieting.  Third, and most important, my mind was so foggy, I couldn't think straight.  I was having trouble remembering words and names.  Seriously, I would try to interview a guest on my show and couldn't get my thoughts together to ask some questions.  That is a bit scary.  Fourth, I wanted to improve my overall health.  I'm talking about my blood levels and insulin.  That is vital once you hit the age of 40!   

Did it make a difference?  Yes.  I have lost consistently every week for the past 2 years.  I am never hungry and I am healthier than ever.  I have some great tips on the show I will be sharing.  My biggest step forward was when I had Amy Smith from UcanKeto on my tv show.  She simply breaks it down and makes the Keto diet easy to understand and follow.  Believe me, there are some people out there who claim to be experts, but they don't know diddly squat.  She does.  She has been a great source of information and her Facebook page is a great support.  Another successful step was to add a great "Smart Coffee" to my food list.  It literally gives me amazing energy (I see patients 12 hours a day and then tape a tv show!)  Plus, it gives me the mental clarity that I need. 

Check it out the SMART COFFEE at 

You can check out Amy Smith on Facebook by typing in Push For Your Better.  

Send me an email if you have any questions!!