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    Our hearts are weeping for our dear Guatemala

    Tragedy has struck, but they are stronger!

    These people are amazing.  Many have dirt floor houses, but smiles and laughs on their faces.  One of our favorite missions is El Amor De Patricia.  This wonderful group of people help the people of Guatemala survive and become stronger.  The show we taped there was simply life changing.  Check them out

    What it's all about...

    Dr. Weir just meeting and talking to people who simply love Ira David Wood!


    Love to do we!

    Love to do we!

    Love to do we!

    ​Love to do we!

    Loving Life with Dr. Weir Award Winning Television Show!

    It's people like these amazing chefs who got together for a regional cooking competition...and won.   What is it that you love to do?  You don't always have to do that for a "occupation", but some people do.

    It may be creating some of the greatest guitars in the world, used by some of the greatest musicians in the world.  It all starts with a simple idea and a love for life!

    Dr. Tim Weir

    Who is this guy?


    It started when Dr. Weir's successful Chiropractic practice got on the front cover of "The American Chiropractor".   He was contacted to see if he would be interested in doing a syndicated radio show....he said yes.  From that came the invitation to host a tv show....he said yes.  That has grown now to a weekly show that reaches over 53 million homes.  

    He takes all the success he has had as a husband of 41 years, a father of 4, grandfather of 4, successful businessman, author and "ham" and puts it together for people to enjoy.  His goal for the show is that everyone that watches the show catch the truth that everyone has the ability to create the "loving life".  

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    "Life is all about choices.  The choices you make today determine your future tomorrow"  Dr Weir

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